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Laundry Day the Hard Way

Today, I woke early with my laundry tugging at my mind.  I was so interested in accomplishing something, that I decided to wait to eat breakfast.  MacGyverAsawa took the children to the store, to pick up a few things for me.

It was nice, the quiet in which I did the bulk of the laundry (they got back just before I’d finished).  A few people rode by in their cars, headed one place or another, and looked out their window, wondering what this crazy lady was doing with three buckets in her front yard, and a plastic patio chair.  Yet, I continued with my work.

I had two buckets left of clothes left (two pair of jeans, and three towels) to wash, when it hit me.  That icky feeling.  I’ll remember this tomorrow, while I’m trying to catch up on the work I was supposed to get done today.  Skipping breakfast is not allowed, if I’m going to be working hard.

…  And laundry by hand, for a family of four, when it’s three days worth of dirty clothes, is hard work.  Especially since I haven’t yet purchased a plunger to help with the agitation or a bin to fit a large number of clothes at once.  Hopefully, by next week, I’ll have taken the opportunity to get the above mentioned items, so it won’t always take half the day to do the washing.

That’s all for my laundry post.  Actually, I have another post in mind, already.  It’s about why we have chosen to live in an RV.  Hopefully, it will dispel certain fears and worries and fears that some of our friends, church family, and relatives have…  When one says they are moving into an RV, there are some preconceived ideas that most folks have…  I’m not going to get into it here, but I will say:  See my next post.

Thanks, folks, for reading.

Happy Trails to you and yours, until we meet once more.


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