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At the Park

Well, we’ve. Finally done it!  Yesterday, we paid for an extnded stay spot at Fair Harbor RV Park.  Today, we pulled in the Leap of Faith.  We were lucky to get a spot!  There is some sort of project going on–something to do with solar power–in the area.  Which means a lot of workers need temporary lodging.  There were only 2 long term spots left, and we got one of them.  A young guy came in right behind us, and took the last one.  Looks like the next nine months are going to be very busy at the park.

On the plus side, perhaps my idea for entertainment will go over well with the management…  maybe get us a little off our rent.  I’ll fill ya’ll in once I work out the details.

Once again, we’ve got a home.

Pictures to come, soon.  I’m just super exhausted.

Tomorrow is my baby brother’s 30th birthday party.  I am not sure how my baby bro. Is turning 30, when I’m only 24, but he is.  😉

I’ve still got to get ready for church, so I’ll sign off for now.

Happy Trails to you and yours, untill we meet once more.


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