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Unanswered Questions

I can’t read this, and just keep surfing the web as if it never happened.  It is so sad and gruesome that I’ve just got to share.

Mom Pushes Dead Son in Park Swing

I’m left to wonder:  Was she aware of her son’s demise, or was there a part of her who wanted him to be alive so badly that he “was” in her mind?  Or, was she trying to make up for all the time she might have missed with him in the past (texting, phone calls, work)?  Is she the reason he’s dead?  The number of questions left unanswered is driving me up the wall!

I just want to cry for this woman, and this little boy.

…  …  …  And hug my own two boys.


From what I can tell, based on several articles on the internet, this child was wanted by both parents in a custodial argument in court.  The judge granted shared custody.  The father told the courts that he felt the mother was not fit (read:  strange behavior).  Now that it’s all said and done, the grandmother (mother’s mother) has informed police that her daughter suffers from depression and bipolar disorder.  HOWEVER, there is no sign of abuse, trauma, or cause of death.  Which means, it’s likely that the mother didn’t kill her son, but that she reacted badly to his death by natural causes.

My heart goes out to both sides of this grieving family.

2nd Update
It has been found that the boy was alive and crying the afternoon before. Based on the autopsy, he died of dehydration and hypothermia. So, he was probably crying because he was hungry and thirsty. In the comments on the above site, someone says the boy had a fever the day before they went to the park. I’m not sure if that is fact or rumor. It was also stated, in the article, that they wre homeless–living in a hotel.
It appears, and this includes my own thoughts to fill in the blanks, that Mom might have been stressed about money, and how to obtain care for the child. Obviously, no relatives could/wouldd help. Otherwise, they would not have been homeless, and Mom would have been getting proper care for herself. It is also obvious that this family fell through the cracks, as far as DFACS is conscerned. She may hav stopped at the park to get her thoughts together, and had an pisode which caused her to lose time… this is just as possible as maliicious intent.

Lord knows, I want to cry for this baby, who must have been upset and confussed when his protector was no longer acting in his best interest. Did she not allow him to speak–“Mommy, I’m hungry. Mommy I’m thirsty. Mommy, I’m tired; I don’t feel good.” He trusted her, his grandmother, his father, and the courts. Yet, every one of them, every SINGLE person failed him! Dad could have housed them at his place. Grandma could have invited them to sleep on her couch. The judge could have placed him with other relatives, until Mom was on meds.
Of course none of them place all the blame on Mom. How could they sentence her to death, knowing they each played a role in this sweet baby’s death?

In any event, my thoughts and prayers still go out on behalf of this family.


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