Super Mommy: Saving the day by getting one job done at a time!

Because I don’t want to give out too much personal info., I’ll just jump right into the middle of my story.

We have been given the opportunity to live in a “tiny” house.  We are going to clean out what was once an outdoor laundry room, and convert it into a small living space.

MacGyverHubby began cleaning out the space between these 2×4 beams and the tin roof.

Beginning to clean out the overhead area

Beginning to clean out the overhead area



This picture shows how messy the cabinets were.  There are more that depict the same.




It was a mess in that building!  We had gloves, masks, and I had a home made head scarf.  There was also a lot of animal droppings, mason jars, and broken glass.  I didn’t get pictures of two of the freezers that were there before MacGyverHubby moved them out, but here’s one of them I managed to snap just as he was asking me to help pull some stuff down from the rafters.


I didn’t get a good pic of it b/c he distracted me just as the phone snapped the pic.


Earlier in the day, he’d cut down three trees.  He’s standing on a two foot tall log, here, in order to reach the rafters.


My two little men (Jr. is pictured here), and the three dogs (Sug. is pictured here) were exhausted by day 3 of our 5 day camping trip.


MacGyverHubby tore down cabinets on both sides of the room.  As flimsy as they look, they’re of good quality…  Installed by my Papa, and he didn’t do shoddy work.  This is the part that took the longest.

By the time we were finished clearing out the room, my phone had died (I was playing music from Jango, the entire time we were working).  So, I was unable to get pictures of the cleaned out room.

I assure you, it looks bigger in reality, and even larger now that the cabinets and the other junk is pulled out.

This will be our temporary tiny home, once our lease here is up, until we can purchase one of those two story sheds from Home Depot.

What worries me:  Plumbing.  Getting water/waste out.  We’ve got the knowledge needed to deal with everything else.  However, I do have an uncle who may be able to offer a bit of advice…  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.



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