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Where are the posts?

I’ve had a few things come up, and haven’t been able to post for a bit.  I will try to have everything squared away by Monday.  Please, hang in here with me.

Thanks for your patience,

P.S.-nothing is wrong.  I’m just trying to find a balance…  house, family, homeschool, bible study, writing, blog–it’s a lot all at once.


Mommy Mondays

I have decided to change the prompt for Mondays to Mommy Mondays, as opposed to Malicious Mommy Mondays…


Disclaimer:  I am a Christian mother of two boys.  I do not accept or condone the harm of children.  As a matter of fact, I believe that the greatest crime against humanity is the crime some mothers commit when they harm or kill their children.  For me, that includes abortion, murder, and child abuse.  Also, I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that I am in serious need of a sarcasm font.  If, at any point and time, you should find one some place, PLEASE send it to me.  Now that all of that is out of the way…

Have you ever had one of those days?  You know the type of day I’m talking about.  The day when the alarm goes off, but you somehow miss it, then you get up and the kids have torn apart their rooms.  That day when, by lunch time, you just want to run screaming from the house in your PJs, “I can’t take it anymore!!!”  That day you find yourself wondering if these are really your children, or if Satan has sent minions in to take over the little people that came out of you, and terrorize the planet.

Zakieya Latrice Avery must have had months of those days, all strung together.  She must have shown Monifa Denise Sanford indisputable proof.  After all, why else would two women stab two children to death?


Another woman, Elzbieta Plackowska, wasn’t trying to vanquish demons, she was trying to save her child and the little girl she was babysitting (and, apparently, the dogs) from being used as tools for a dark force.  Which is why she killed them.


It is quite clear that THESE mothers had issues.  They clearly used their religious beliefs to justify their behavior…  Clearly, they needed someone in their lives to step in, and get them help.

While those mothers couldn’t handle being moms.  However, apparently a mother’s love can actually “help him or her develop a larger hippocampus.”

Tomorrow is To-Do Tuesday.  Check back for pics, and a post on the matter.

See You Tomorrow,



The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.


Fear Friday!!!: House Hunting

“Welcome to lot number 6485.  Feel free to take a look around!  Press the buttons on the speakers you see around the house to hear about this great place.  I think you’ll like what you see.”

House Hunting, a psychological thriller written and directed by Eric Hurt, centers around the Hays family, and the Thomson family.  Each family is searching for a good deal on a house, for different reasons.

Recently, Emmy Hays lost her mother to suicide.  Her father and his new girlfriend, along with Emmy, load up in the car to check out a house that’s just gone on the market.  Charlie (her father) works at the bank that foreclosed on this particular house, which is why he knows all about it.

After looking at countless houses in the suburbs, Don Thomson is feeling cramped and itchy, so to speak.  When offered a chance to look at a 70 acre plot, with farm house included, he piles everyone in the car for the drive out to see the house.  His family is not without their share of loss.

Both families, at first glance, seem normal enough.  White, upper-middle class.  Three family members in each one…

Just as this movie had a little more to offer than what it first seemed to have (based on the descriptions at IMDb and NetFlix), both families have a few secrets under the surface.

I did like what I saw, as the voice on the speaker suggested.  I liked the tone of the movie, and the pace at which everything escalated.  I give it 4 stars (at some points, the acting was a little over the top, but that may have been on purpose…  and it was only a few short moments…).  I’ve seen this movie twice, and wouldn’t mind watching again, if I were with friends/relatives that hadn’t seen it but wanted to.

Watch out for that very last scene…  It’s a doozie!

Stay Tuned for Tsatske Saturday!

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