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Thankful Thursday

Today, I’d like to focus on one thing that I”m thankful for.

And today’s subject:  My Mom.

My mom was a single mother of two.  She worked five part time jobs at one point in time (that’s five at the same time), while getting her associates degree, and taking care of my brother and myself.  She was at every event we had.  She dropped us off and picked us up for school.  If we had a special event at school, she was there.  Every meal we had, she cooked it (we were broke, so eating out wasn’t an option).  If we needed help with our homework, she was there.  When she needed help with her homework, I was there (long story).

She cleaned our tushies when we were little, our noses as we got bigger…  She kissed our boo-boos and made them better, and held us when she couldn’t make our broken hearts better.

She prayed and cried over us when we were headed in the wrong direction, celebrated with us when we achieved goals…

For me, she was at the hospital for the birth of both of my children.  She was the one who, after seeing my babies come to the nursery, stayed on the nurses to make sure I was okay.  As soon as I was in recovery, she ordered the nurses to get my glasses and my baby (I had to wait for the drugs to wear off, but she watched the clock and made sure they knew it was “time” for me to get my baby).

When our family needed a place to stay for four days between a move, Mom was there.  When my husband and I separated a few years ago, Mom was there.

As a young adult, when I needed a ride because I went with friends to a place I shouldn’t have been (lets just say a house in another town w/ illegal substances), and realized what was going on…  Mom was there to pick me up, when my “friends” didn’t take me back home (yeah, I didn’t talk to those “friends” anymore).

She was the one who first shared the love of Jesus with me.  I learned to be a strong woman, and to stand up for what I believe in (even when I’m standing alone).  I learned to stand up for myself, because, sometimes, no one else will.

I learned about respect, love, kindness, problem solving, how to work harder than believed possible…  I learned that what others call impossible is just really really hard; if I work harder than others want to work, I can achieve that “impossible.”

And that’s just the big stuff!

She doesn’t get online, much, so this isn’t for her benefit.  This post is to draw your attention to the fact that a)  I’m thankful for my mom, and b)  what your mom does/has done for you (or dad, or grandparent…)  Oh!  Also, what a difference you (a mom, a dad, a neighbor…) make in the life of a child.

This one made me cry:




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