Super Mommy: Saving the day by getting one job done at a time!

It only took me the entire day to work out my beginning.  I spent a lot of time looking for writing prompts (pictures and sentences, etc…).  I started and deleted 8 or 9 times.  I did get an idea that flipped into something a bit different, but I didn’t realize it was the idea, until two hours later.  The time it took to figure out exactly how I wanted to start, is the reason I didn’t write more.

As you can see, it reads more like the back of a paperback, than a first page.  However, I do hope it was enough to make you want more than just a taste.  No, I’ve not come up with a title, yet.

Well, here it is, enjoy!

Dream Meeting

Feeling his warm breath on her neck, the realization that she was dreaming did not seem to lessen the sensations.  His cold rough hands ran up her arms, and she shivered.  The smell of copper and incense filled her nose, as he slowly turned her around to look into his hazel eyes.  Dilated pupils caused her to gasp.  He grabbed her roughly by the wrist, and she opened her mouth to protest.

That was when she awoke, sitting upright in bed.  Her dark studio apartment made no effort to comfort her.  The wind blew the balcony curtains, as the rain began to fall.  She arose, and shut the double doors.  Finally, the Georgia heat would be alleviated, if only for a short while, by the cooling rain.

Padding across the hard wood floor for a glass of water, Magdalena still felt as if she were in her dream, as if someone were watching her.  She found herself unable to shake the scent of incense, and drank the cool water to help with her scratchy throat.

After a trip to the bathroom, she found her way back to bed.  Nights like this, when she felt so restless, she longed for someone else in her life; someone she could tell about the weird dreams.  Punching her pillow a time or two, she spoke to her empty apartment, “Or, maybe I just need a t.v. to keep me company.”  She chuckled.  “Yeah, like I can afford a t.v.”

Thankful for her one night off, her one night to actually get some rest, she pushed the dream out of her mind, took a few deep breaths, and drifted off.

After five months, Nicolo felt he had a grip on his urges.  He had not killed anyone all year long.  Yet, the seer insisted there would be someone else who would die by his hand.  She was unable to tell him who.  If he were able to figure that out, he could avoid that person.

Tired of the life of a drifter, he had landed here, the most unlikely place of all for a guy like him.  It was peaceful, mostly.  There was the normal human condition:  crime, politics, loneliness.  Folks around here, like everywhere else he had been, tried to combat the depression brought on by it all, with drink, work, or other people.  Usually, none of it seemed to work.  No one felt more lonely than Nicolo.  Few saw as much crime as he did, and the politics only fueled the train to nowhere.

Maybe, he thought, that’s why I’m watching her sleep.

That’s all for today, folks!  Hope you liked it.

Oh!  And stay tuned next Wednesday for another piece of the story.  Tomorrow is Thursday, and we’ll be looking at Thankfulness.  Come check it out!

Live long and breathe deeply,



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