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To-Do Tuesday

Today is To-Do Tuesday!  Therefore, I have picked one fairly large task to include you in, dear readers.

That task:  Laundry.  Now, some of you may be thinking, “laundry?  Psshh.  No big deal!”  Aah, but you haven’t seen laundry like this.  I confess:  I am a bit behind…  okay, a lot behind.

THIS is my pile of clean laundry, on my closet floor.


My house looked like a Tornado had hit it, this past Friday.  I had already invited my family (and the in-laws) over for my mother’s birthday party on Sunday.  It was to be my motivation to finish unpacking and cleaning.  Let’s just say I couldn’t muster enough get up and go to, well, get up and go do it all.  Saturday, my brother and his wife came over, with Yegar Bombs.  She and I had a couple, and I was bouncing off the walls.  We cleand everything except the master suite.  On Sunday, I cleaned the suite, but was too pressed for time to organize the unfolded laundry (someone had to get the cake).
Saturday night, I came down from the redbull (I’m very sensitive to energy drinks), and did not clean the dirty laundry, some of which is shown here (we have three more trash bags full, that aren’t pictured).


Now, you know why this is the subject of today’s to-do.
Yes, I still have boxes and boxes (and boxes, and boxes, and more) to unpack.  They are all in the shed, and I will be introducing them into our home on a daily basis.  But, right now, clean under garments are a necessity.
These are my before pics.  Stay tuned for an update containing the after pics.
While you wait, why don’t you think about what you can get done on To-Do Tusday.  Take some pictures, and send them in.  Don’t be shy!  We’re all a little (or a lot) behind on something.  Share your before and afters (or just afters, if you’re too embarassed), and we’ll celebrate together after the kids are in bed.
Good luck, and I’ll see you in a bit.

Update: To-Do Tuesday Progress

Dirty Laundry is a-washin’! Some of it, anyway. Getting ready to swap out loads.


Wondering if I’ll ever scale down this mountain of clean.
On the bright side, BabyJ and Jr are spending their day outside. I am taking a very short break.
While folding, I have begun wwatching In Dreams on NetFlix. I am such a female, as it has had me crying. Brutus, my K9 child, is back and forth between the family room and the yard. He’s not sure if he prefers to chill with me, or run and play with the children.

I’d like to take a moment to realize how blessed I am… I love that I have the opportunity to watch my wonderful children grow. I love that I get to have them home with me all day. They are thee reason I wake up in the morning.

BabyJ picked every yellow flower he could find in our yard, and they’re all for Mommy. Aren’t they beautiful?

Alright, back to work! Stay tuned for further up dates.

Final Update of the Day:

Well, I didn’t quite finish with my To-Do Tuesday project.  No worries!  I’ve got the rest of the week to finish, and come up with next week’s scheme.  That’s why the To-Do instalment is so early in the week.  With kids, it’s difficult to avoid all interruptions.  There’s that, and the fact that my mom stopped by for a visit when she got off work.

That said, I’ll be posting my After pics, when I am done (probably tomorrow afternoon), as an update to this particular post.

Are you all ready for tomorrow?  Oh, wait, you don’t know what tomorrow is.  Well, I’ll tell you.

Tomorrow is Writing Wednesday!  My favorite day!  It’s the day when I’ll be starting an all new story right here on my wordpress blog.  It will, hopefully, turn out something like a serial story.  Every week, on Wednesday, I’ll post a bit of the story for you, my dear readers, to read and *gulp* judge.  I do hope you enjoy it!

See you all tomorrow!



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