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Thankful Thursday

Today, I’d like to focus on one thing that I”m thankful for.

And today’s subject:  My Mom.

My mom was a single mother of two.  She worked five part time jobs at one point in time (that’s five at the same time), while getting her associates degree, and taking care of my brother and myself.  She was at every event we had.  She dropped us off and picked us up for school.  If we had a special event at school, she was there.  Every meal we had, she cooked it (we were broke, so eating out wasn’t an option).  If we needed help with our homework, she was there.  When she needed help with her homework, I was there (long story).

She cleaned our tushies when we were little, our noses as we got bigger…  She kissed our boo-boos and made them better, and held us when she couldn’t make our broken hearts better.

She prayed and cried over us when we were headed in the wrong direction, celebrated with us when we achieved goals…

For me, she was at the hospital for the birth of both of my children.  She was the one who, after seeing my babies come to the nursery, stayed on the nurses to make sure I was okay.  As soon as I was in recovery, she ordered the nurses to get my glasses and my baby (I had to wait for the drugs to wear off, but she watched the clock and made sure they knew it was “time” for me to get my baby).

When our family needed a place to stay for four days between a move, Mom was there.  When my husband and I separated a few years ago, Mom was there.

As a young adult, when I needed a ride because I went with friends to a place I shouldn’t have been (lets just say a house in another town w/ illegal substances), and realized what was going on…  Mom was there to pick me up, when my “friends” didn’t take me back home (yeah, I didn’t talk to those “friends” anymore).

She was the one who first shared the love of Jesus with me.  I learned to be a strong woman, and to stand up for what I believe in (even when I’m standing alone).  I learned to stand up for myself, because, sometimes, no one else will.

I learned about respect, love, kindness, problem solving, how to work harder than believed possible…  I learned that what others call impossible is just really really hard; if I work harder than others want to work, I can achieve that “impossible.”

And that’s just the big stuff!

She doesn’t get online, much, so this isn’t for her benefit.  This post is to draw your attention to the fact that a)  I’m thankful for my mom, and b)  what your mom does/has done for you (or dad, or grandparent…)  Oh!  Also, what a difference you (a mom, a dad, a neighbor…) make in the life of a child.

This one made me cry:




Writing Wednesday: Gotta Start Somewhere…

It only took me the entire day to work out my beginning.  I spent a lot of time looking for writing prompts (pictures and sentences, etc…).  I started and deleted 8 or 9 times.  I did get an idea that flipped into something a bit different, but I didn’t realize it was the idea, until two hours later.  The time it took to figure out exactly how I wanted to start, is the reason I didn’t write more.

As you can see, it reads more like the back of a paperback, than a first page.  However, I do hope it was enough to make you want more than just a taste.  No, I’ve not come up with a title, yet.

Well, here it is, enjoy!

Dream Meeting

Feeling his warm breath on her neck, the realization that she was dreaming did not seem to lessen the sensations.  His cold rough hands ran up her arms, and she shivered.  The smell of copper and incense filled her nose, as he slowly turned her around to look into his hazel eyes.  Dilated pupils caused her to gasp.  He grabbed her roughly by the wrist, and she opened her mouth to protest.

That was when she awoke, sitting upright in bed.  Her dark studio apartment made no effort to comfort her.  The wind blew the balcony curtains, as the rain began to fall.  She arose, and shut the double doors.  Finally, the Georgia heat would be alleviated, if only for a short while, by the cooling rain.

Padding across the hard wood floor for a glass of water, Magdalena still felt as if she were in her dream, as if someone were watching her.  She found herself unable to shake the scent of incense, and drank the cool water to help with her scratchy throat.

After a trip to the bathroom, she found her way back to bed.  Nights like this, when she felt so restless, she longed for someone else in her life; someone she could tell about the weird dreams.  Punching her pillow a time or two, she spoke to her empty apartment, “Or, maybe I just need a t.v. to keep me company.”  She chuckled.  “Yeah, like I can afford a t.v.”

Thankful for her one night off, her one night to actually get some rest, she pushed the dream out of her mind, took a few deep breaths, and drifted off.

After five months, Nicolo felt he had a grip on his urges.  He had not killed anyone all year long.  Yet, the seer insisted there would be someone else who would die by his hand.  She was unable to tell him who.  If he were able to figure that out, he could avoid that person.

Tired of the life of a drifter, he had landed here, the most unlikely place of all for a guy like him.  It was peaceful, mostly.  There was the normal human condition:  crime, politics, loneliness.  Folks around here, like everywhere else he had been, tried to combat the depression brought on by it all, with drink, work, or other people.  Usually, none of it seemed to work.  No one felt more lonely than Nicolo.  Few saw as much crime as he did, and the politics only fueled the train to nowhere.

Maybe, he thought, that’s why I’m watching her sleep.

That’s all for today, folks!  Hope you liked it.

Oh!  And stay tuned next Wednesday for another piece of the story.  Tomorrow is Thursday, and we’ll be looking at Thankfulness.  Come check it out!

Live long and breathe deeply,


To-Do Tuesday

Today is To-Do Tuesday!  Therefore, I have picked one fairly large task to include you in, dear readers.

That task:  Laundry.  Now, some of you may be thinking, “laundry?  Psshh.  No big deal!”  Aah, but you haven’t seen laundry like this.  I confess:  I am a bit behind…  okay, a lot behind.

THIS is my pile of clean laundry, on my closet floor.


My house looked like a Tornado had hit it, this past Friday.  I had already invited my family (and the in-laws) over for my mother’s birthday party on Sunday.  It was to be my motivation to finish unpacking and cleaning.  Let’s just say I couldn’t muster enough get up and go to, well, get up and go do it all.  Saturday, my brother and his wife came over, with Yegar Bombs.  She and I had a couple, and I was bouncing off the walls.  We cleand everything except the master suite.  On Sunday, I cleaned the suite, but was too pressed for time to organize the unfolded laundry (someone had to get the cake).
Saturday night, I came down from the redbull (I’m very sensitive to energy drinks), and did not clean the dirty laundry, some of which is shown here (we have three more trash bags full, that aren’t pictured).


Now, you know why this is the subject of today’s to-do.
Yes, I still have boxes and boxes (and boxes, and boxes, and more) to unpack.  They are all in the shed, and I will be introducing them into our home on a daily basis.  But, right now, clean under garments are a necessity.
These are my before pics.  Stay tuned for an update containing the after pics.
While you wait, why don’t you think about what you can get done on To-Do Tusday.  Take some pictures, and send them in.  Don’t be shy!  We’re all a little (or a lot) behind on something.  Share your before and afters (or just afters, if you’re too embarassed), and we’ll celebrate together after the kids are in bed.
Good luck, and I’ll see you in a bit.

Update: To-Do Tuesday Progress

Dirty Laundry is a-washin’! Some of it, anyway. Getting ready to swap out loads.


Wondering if I’ll ever scale down this mountain of clean.
On the bright side, BabyJ and Jr are spending their day outside. I am taking a very short break.
While folding, I have begun wwatching In Dreams on NetFlix. I am such a female, as it has had me crying. Brutus, my K9 child, is back and forth between the family room and the yard. He’s not sure if he prefers to chill with me, or run and play with the children.

I’d like to take a moment to realize how blessed I am… I love that I have the opportunity to watch my wonderful children grow. I love that I get to have them home with me all day. They are thee reason I wake up in the morning.

BabyJ picked every yellow flower he could find in our yard, and they’re all for Mommy. Aren’t they beautiful?

Alright, back to work! Stay tuned for further up dates.

Final Update of the Day:

Well, I didn’t quite finish with my To-Do Tuesday project.  No worries!  I’ve got the rest of the week to finish, and come up with next week’s scheme.  That’s why the To-Do instalment is so early in the week.  With kids, it’s difficult to avoid all interruptions.  There’s that, and the fact that my mom stopped by for a visit when she got off work.

That said, I’ll be posting my After pics, when I am done (probably tomorrow afternoon), as an update to this particular post.

Are you all ready for tomorrow?  Oh, wait, you don’t know what tomorrow is.  Well, I’ll tell you.

Tomorrow is Writing Wednesday!  My favorite day!  It’s the day when I’ll be starting an all new story right here on my wordpress blog.  It will, hopefully, turn out something like a serial story.  Every week, on Wednesday, I’ll post a bit of the story for you, my dear readers, to read and *gulp* judge.  I do hope you enjoy it!

See you all tomorrow!


Malicious Mamma Mondays

*Quick aside:  I’m beginning a new series of posts…  Hoping to post regularly, now…  Here we go.*

My new Monday Series will be all about Malicious Mammas, and their awful behaviors.  For a while, Mondays may not be the best day for soft-heart Mammas to check in.

I’d like to open with an almost-mom who shot and killed an actual mom.  Okay, let me explain:

This reads like a show on the Lifetime television network.  What is a woman to do, if she hopes to hold on to her man?  Why, produce a baby, of course.  (If there were ever a time for a sarcasm font, it’s now…)  Otherwise, her marriage may not go through.  After a miscarriage, and after telling her sister of her plans to adopt, a 30 year old RN, Verna McClain of Houston, decided to take matters into her own hands.

She shot and killed Kala Marie Golden (28), and kidnapped her 3 day old son, Keegan Schuchardt, outside of a pediatrician’s office.  Ah, so that’s where one finds a baby in a hurry!

Kayla was shot running after Verna’s car.

Last I checked, with hopes of avoiding the death penalty, Verna had entered a plea of not guilty.  Verna’s mother doesn’t believe she will get a fair trial.

My take:  Really?  Really!?  Your child (who is an adult, and responsible for her own actions) is broken, therefore she has the right to shoot someone else’s child and take their grandchild without facing the music?  No!  I say, if she was that broken, someone should have stepped in years ago and gotten her some help.  She needs to be hit with the book of the law, with as much force as the judicial arm can muster.

I believe Leeanna Brown loved money as much as Kala loved her child.  Brown, of Elizabethtown, KY, tried to sell her baby.  TWICE!

In July of last year, she had been charged with possession of illegal substances, and non-payment of fines.  I’m sure she was sitting at home, trying to figure out what she could sell in order to get $5,000.

–Couch?  No.  Big screen?  Then how will I see myself on that episode of cops?  No.  Baby swing?  Then I’d have to clean the spit up stains…  I know!  I’ll sell my baby!  Hotdamn, I’m a good business woman.–

As of December, she was being held in the Hardin Co. Jail, on $2,500 bond.

My take:  She’s gonna need more kids to sell, to get outta this mess!  (again, I really need that sarcasm font.)

Laticia Silva, a 31 year old mother who had lost custody of her two daughters (7 and 9) to their paternal grandparents, must think the wheels of justice move too slowly.  She mailed a switchblade to the girls, and called at Christmas of 2012, at which time she told them to kill their grandparents.

The grandparents found a kitchen knife under one of the girls’ pillows, and called the cops.  Laticia is facing 40 years for four counts of first degree solicitation to commit murder.

My take:  No wonder the authorities took her kids from her!  She’s cray-cray, in a bad way.

I’ve got one more for ya’, but it’s a little different.

Imagine you’re a single teen mom , you just lost your husband to lung Cancer (Dec. 2011).  It’s just you and your infant son against the world, and someone shows up the night of the funeral.  Now, it’s so dark out you can’t see the guy’s face, and you have company over.  The guy leaves.  He comes back a week or so later, with a buddy.  He’s got a foot long hunting knife, and wants to come inside.

The logical thing to do would be to call 9-1-1, which is exactly what Sarah McKinley (18) did.  Of course, she grabbed the shot gun and the hand gun first.  She asked the dispatcher if it was okay to shoot the would be home invaders, if they came inside.  The dispatcher said “I can’t tell you it’s okay…  Do what you have to…”

The first guy:  Justin Martin.  Addicted to pain killers, and wants Mr. McKinley’s pills.  His buddy:  Dustin Stewart.  I believe he was like, “What do you wanna do, tonight?  I’m up for anything.”  Anyway, Justin kicks in the door, and Sarah shot him dead.

My take:  You mess with my kids, and I see red…  like a bull.  When you mess with the bull, you get the horns.  Any questions?

For those of you just tuning in, this is the beginning of my new format.  Please, come back daily for my posts.

Tomorrow is To-Do Tuesday.  Here’s a hint about part of the topic:

Or, maybe this is more your speed (I know it is mine).

And with that, I am out until tomorrow.



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