Super Mommy: Saving the day by getting one job done at a time!

First, allow me to say one thing:  recovery from a tonsillectomy is a looong, torcherous, hellacious descent into pain and starvation.  I firmly believe we should use it on war criminals, in order to get information out of them.  On the bright side, I’ve lost some weight (I think), and the size of my stomach has shrank (I eat smaller portions, now).  Also, I did survive, so maybe it wasn’t as bad as I make it out to be…  oh, no, it was worse.  The worst part:  once your tonsils are out, you can’t say, “ouch!  Hurts too much!  I wanna decide not to do this, any more.”

The first two days were, by FAR the easiest.  My yhroat felt a little scratchy, and increasingly dry, but I could still speak.  Day 3 was when the real pain began, but was nothing like day 5, when I chose to skip meds because (I thought) they weren’t doing much for me.  I skipped them very early in the morning.  Took them again, 4 hrs. After I was scheduled to take them.  Here’s some advice for anyone getting surgery, don’t skip your pain meds!

Eating or drinking became the most difficult thing in the world.  That, and speaking through my extremely swollen throat.  A text to speach program on my android phone (Skyvi) became my voice.  My son Jr., Mamma’s best buddy, started to feel really hurt and lonely, starved for Mommy’s attention.  It got so he just laid in my bed with me, sleeping as much of the day away as I would allow.  At first, I did not allow much of that.  However, as time went on I noticed he was becoming more and more emotional.  So, I started letting him hang out as much as he wanted.  That only helped a little.

BabyJ started acting out more, with angry outbursts, and hitting his big brother.  I started communicating a lot in sign.  (See?  It is a useful language, after all.  Good thing I had the sense to teach my children.  Skeptics, now who’s laughing?)  This seemed to help, a lot, with BabyJ’s frustration.  It also made Jr. Feel as if I were more connected.  Too bad they were the only ones who knew sign.  Would have been helpful if MacGyverAsawa or my Mom had learned.

Jr.’s birthday is Dec. 30th.  He will be a whole 5 years old!  I am not prepaired for a party!  Maybe we can have it at McDonalds.  He loves the PlayPlace.

Along with not being ready for that party, I am not ready for the Family Christmas.  So.  We are having my branch’s get together at my mom’s house on Christmas day, and MacGyverAsawa’s Familia is getting together at his oldest little sister’s house on Christmas Eve.  Oh, how happy I am that I don’t have to host Christmas, this year!

This year, between Mommy and Daddy, the Christmas money (mostly) all came from Mommy’s account.  At first (and still, just a little), I was irritated at him for this.  You see, my husband does not purchase gifts.  He either gives me money and I purchase them, or I buy them with my own money and he slaps his name next to mine.  The latter is what seems to be happening this year.  Another thing:  he purchased himself a bluetooth speaker.  Guess what I am getting for Christmas.  Nada.  That is how things go every holiday…  even on my birthday!  (Gggrrrr…  now I want to cry…  sigh.)

Something else about this time of year that chaps my hide:  people are insane!  Crazy drivers, angry shoppers, and Scrooges abound.  Sometimes, you’ll run into all three of those rolled into one!

(Now that I’m finished complaining…)

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  The gifts I purchased for the extended family have all been wrapped.  I am going to Mom’s to help cook for Christmas day.  Later, we are going to PoshSister-In-Law’s for the Christmas Eve-abration.  Then, back home to but the kids in bed, stage the Santa Visit (complete with eaten cookies and a half empty glass of milk), have cookies and milk, and go to bed.

Yep, full day.  And I’ve gotta get up early, to ensure it all gets done.  So, g’night WordPress.

Merry Christmas,


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