Super Mommy: Saving the day by getting one job done at a time!

And so, it is the day before my surgery, and I am starting to get a bit nervous.  I have not completed all my household preperations, and still need to grocery shop.  I do not trust that part to get completed th way I want it, if left in the hands of McGyverAsawa.  He knows how I like things done, and is perfectly capable of doing them thusly.  However, he pretends not to understand, in order to get out of ever being asked to do anything of real importance to me.  This, of course, does not work.  He continues to behave as if he does not know why I am so up tight about it all, and I continue to be anxious about going in for medical procedures that will leave me on my back for more than a couple of days.  (Great, now I’ve nearly worked myself up to tears of worry, frustration, and self pity!  Grrrr at me.)

I am a strong woman, and know the surgery will be fine.  What bothers me the most about the entire ordeal?  My husband seems more put out than sympathetic.  I swear I married a perpetual two year old!  If it is not about him, his needs, or his wants…  it is taking away from his needs and wants.  Maybe that is why he is not as gungho about having a third.  No, I don’t believe maybe comes into play.

*Siiigh*  Enough having my pity party, since I am sure none of you really wanted to be invlved in that, any way…

Along with getting the kitchen and refrigerator cleaned out, I must visit the grocery store; vacuume and pick up the living room, hall, laundry room, master bedroom, and nursery; clean both bathrooms, clean all bedding and remake beds, and pick out five days of clothes for the kiddos (McGyverAsawa hates picking out their clothes, and
will take them out of the house dressed like color blind hobos, if I let him!).  ALSO, I am going to get myself ready for surgery day, before bed.  All I will have to do tomorrow is roll out of bed, deal with hair/face/teeth, and throw on my clothes.  PLUS, I would like to get my “Post-Surgery Recovery Station” (a.k.a. the master bedroom) ready for said recovery.  I will want paper and pencil, my lap top, my nook color, the televison remote, a place for drinks and snackage (jello and mashed taters), my power cables, and cell phone, and good-grief-i-can’t-forget-a-trash-bag-or-two.  I know, the first few days will most likely be spent sleeping.  Eventually, I will feel too bad to move, but will not be able to sleep any more.  That is why I want all my gadgets…  plus, I will need something to type on, since I will not be talking on Wednesday.

I will try to post here about my experience, since it is rare for 29 year olds to have a tonsillectomy.  As we age, recovery changes.  Perhaps I can help to give others a realistic idea of what to expect…

Off I go to start my day!

Until The Morrow,


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