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Overall Recovery, and the Christmas Season

First, allow me to say one thing:  recovery from a tonsillectomy is a looong, torcherous, hellacious descent into pain and starvation.  I firmly believe we should use it on war criminals, in order to get information out of them.  On the bright side, I’ve lost some weight (I think), and the size of my stomach has shrank (I eat smaller portions, now).  Also, I did survive, so maybe it wasn’t as bad as I make it out to be…  oh, no, it was worse.  The worst part:  once your tonsils are out, you can’t say, “ouch!  Hurts too much!  I wanna decide not to do this, any more.”

The first two days were, by FAR the easiest.  My yhroat felt a little scratchy, and increasingly dry, but I could still speak.  Day 3 was when the real pain began, but was nothing like day 5, when I chose to skip meds because (I thought) they weren’t doing much for me.  I skipped them very early in the morning.  Took them again, 4 hrs. After I was scheduled to take them.  Here’s some advice for anyone getting surgery, don’t skip your pain meds!

Eating or drinking became the most difficult thing in the world.  That, and speaking through my extremely swollen throat.  A text to speach program on my android phone (Skyvi) became my voice.  My son Jr., Mamma’s best buddy, started to feel really hurt and lonely, starved for Mommy’s attention.  It got so he just laid in my bed with me, sleeping as much of the day away as I would allow.  At first, I did not allow much of that.  However, as time went on I noticed he was becoming more and more emotional.  So, I started letting him hang out as much as he wanted.  That only helped a little.

BabyJ started acting out more, with angry outbursts, and hitting his big brother.  I started communicating a lot in sign.  (See?  It is a useful language, after all.  Good thing I had the sense to teach my children.  Skeptics, now who’s laughing?)  This seemed to help, a lot, with BabyJ’s frustration.  It also made Jr. Feel as if I were more connected.  Too bad they were the only ones who knew sign.  Would have been helpful if MacGyverAsawa or my Mom had learned.

Jr.’s birthday is Dec. 30th.  He will be a whole 5 years old!  I am not prepaired for a party!  Maybe we can have it at McDonalds.  He loves the PlayPlace.

Along with not being ready for that party, I am not ready for the Family Christmas.  So.  We are having my branch’s get together at my mom’s house on Christmas day, and MacGyverAsawa’s Familia is getting together at his oldest little sister’s house on Christmas Eve.  Oh, how happy I am that I don’t have to host Christmas, this year!

This year, between Mommy and Daddy, the Christmas money (mostly) all came from Mommy’s account.  At first (and still, just a little), I was irritated at him for this.  You see, my husband does not purchase gifts.  He either gives me money and I purchase them, or I buy them with my own money and he slaps his name next to mine.  The latter is what seems to be happening this year.  Another thing:  he purchased himself a bluetooth speaker.  Guess what I am getting for Christmas.  Nada.  That is how things go every holiday…  even on my birthday!  (Gggrrrr…  now I want to cry…  sigh.)

Something else about this time of year that chaps my hide:  people are insane!  Crazy drivers, angry shoppers, and Scrooges abound.  Sometimes, you’ll run into all three of those rolled into one!

(Now that I’m finished complaining…)

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  The gifts I purchased for the extended family have all been wrapped.  I am going to Mom’s to help cook for Christmas day.  Later, we are going to PoshSister-In-Law’s for the Christmas Eve-abration.  Then, back home to but the kids in bed, stage the Santa Visit (complete with eaten cookies and a half empty glass of milk), have cookies and milk, and go to bed.

Yep, full day.  And I’ve gotta get up early, to ensure it all gets done.  So, g’night WordPress.

Merry Christmas,


Housework, Preperations, Anxiety, and (just a little bit of) Self Pity

And so, it is the day before my surgery, and I am starting to get a bit nervous.  I have not completed all my household preperations, and still need to grocery shop.  I do not trust that part to get completed th way I want it, if left in the hands of McGyverAsawa.  He knows how I like things done, and is perfectly capable of doing them thusly.  However, he pretends not to understand, in order to get out of ever being asked to do anything of real importance to me.  This, of course, does not work.  He continues to behave as if he does not know why I am so up tight about it all, and I continue to be anxious about going in for medical procedures that will leave me on my back for more than a couple of days.  (Great, now I’ve nearly worked myself up to tears of worry, frustration, and self pity!  Grrrr at me.)

I am a strong woman, and know the surgery will be fine.  What bothers me the most about the entire ordeal?  My husband seems more put out than sympathetic.  I swear I married a perpetual two year old!  If it is not about him, his needs, or his wants…  it is taking away from his needs and wants.  Maybe that is why he is not as gungho about having a third.  No, I don’t believe maybe comes into play.

*Siiigh*  Enough having my pity party, since I am sure none of you really wanted to be invlved in that, any way…

Along with getting the kitchen and refrigerator cleaned out, I must visit the grocery store; vacuume and pick up the living room, hall, laundry room, master bedroom, and nursery; clean both bathrooms, clean all bedding and remake beds, and pick out five days of clothes for the kiddos (McGyverAsawa hates picking out their clothes, and
will take them out of the house dressed like color blind hobos, if I let him!).  ALSO, I am going to get myself ready for surgery day, before bed.  All I will have to do tomorrow is roll out of bed, deal with hair/face/teeth, and throw on my clothes.  PLUS, I would like to get my “Post-Surgery Recovery Station” (a.k.a. the master bedroom) ready for said recovery.  I will want paper and pencil, my lap top, my nook color, the televison remote, a place for drinks and snackage (jello and mashed taters), my power cables, and cell phone, and good-grief-i-can’t-forget-a-trash-bag-or-two.  I know, the first few days will most likely be spent sleeping.  Eventually, I will feel too bad to move, but will not be able to sleep any more.  That is why I want all my gadgets…  plus, I will need something to type on, since I will not be talking on Wednesday.

I will try to post here about my experience, since it is rare for 29 year olds to have a tonsillectomy.  As we age, recovery changes.  Perhaps I can help to give others a realistic idea of what to expect…

Off I go to start my day!

Until The Morrow,

Catch up and pending surgery

I have not been keeping up with this blog, as I should have.  However, I would like to try redeeming myself.

Catch Up

Over the last several months, our home schooling efforts have been hit or miss.  This fault falls only on my shoulders, as my kiddos absolutely love home schooling.  They beg to do the work, but I have not been keeping up with attendance, lesson plans, or work completed; I allow other things to intrude on what should be our school day.  I would like to think I keep it spontanious.  However, I know that is not really the case.

I attempted NaNoWriMo 2012, but did not finish.  That is okay, because I can write a novel (it’s actually half a novel) any month of the year.  Perhaps January 2013!  (Be on the look out for updates on how my MomNoWriMo:  Mommy’s Novel Writing Month, since November is a busy month for our family.)

A lot of my studies where sustainable living is involved have fallen by the wayside.  We moved into a new house, so I got busy with the move, and then with the new house.  I have not given up on the idea, and am still collecting information on the subject.

McGyverAsawa recently put me back on his insurance.  That is a great thing, because I have several medical issues that need to be tended.  First, there is the fact that my back just started bothering me.  I started going to the chiropractor.  My hips tilt foreward, I have a degenerative disc (L5), and the canal where my spinal cord goes is two milimeters smaller than it is supposed to be.  Long story short:  I have to go once a week.

My back is not the only thing I need care for, there are also my huge tonsils.  Every year over the last ten, I end up with tonsillitis between two and four times.  Due to this recurring illness, my tonsils have grown quite a bit.  For this reason, I need them removed.  I will be having a tonsillectomy on Wednesday, December 5th.  Suupposedly, I will be out of it for two weeks.

During the time I will be out of it, my mother will be helping where she can, but she works.  Therefore, it will all fall on McGyverAsawa’s shoulders…  let me just say:  I am not going to be pleased with the condition of my home, when I am able to get back to caring for it.  As a matter of fact, it is not likely I will be pleased with McGyverAsawa, either.  Also, it is unlikely that I will be pleased with the way McGyverAsawa cares for our sons.  I am sure you can fatham my teeth clenching, and my frustrated sigh in this paragraph.

I have just finished my pre-op, and assume (they did not tell me anything) all systems are going in the direction of surgery.  I hate having to wait for the surgery center to call me with my surgery time.  It would have been nice, to know exactly when they’ll be operating.  I am not allowed to eat after Midnight tomorrow night, so I do hope the surgery is not too late in the day.  I plan to eat a good bit of protien for my “last meal,” and to avoid sweets.  This, I hope, will keep my blood sugar from spiking, so I will not feel too hungry, too early in the day.

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